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Product Overview

Texa Bike Essential Case: Your Ultimate Motorcycle Diagnostic Companion

Elevate your motorcycle maintenance and diagnostics with the Texa Bike Essential Case, meticulously designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike. This all-inclusive diagnostic kit offers the tools you need to keep your bike performing at its peak, ensuring safety and reliability on every ride.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Diagnostic Tools: Equipped with the latest diagnostic hardware, the Texa Bike Essential Case allows you to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues, ensuring your bike is always in top condition.

  2. Durable and Portable: Housed in a robust, portable case, this diagnostic kit is designed for durability and ease of transport, making it an ideal choice for both garage use and on-the-go diagnostics.

Included Cables:

The Texa Bike Essential Case comes with a comprehensive set of cables to ensure compatibility with a wide range of motorcycle brands and models. The included cables are:

  • Bike/Marine Empty Cable Case: A sturdy, protective case designed to organize and store your essential diagnostic cables.

  • 3151/AP01 Bike Main Cable: The primary cable for general motorcycle diagnostics, compatible with various brands and models.

  • 3151/AP05 Triumph/Victory/OBD Cable: Specialized cable for Triumph and Victory motorcycles, also supports OBD diagnostics.

  • 3151/AP11 Generic KAWASAKI Cable up to 2010: Tailored for Kawasaki models manufactured up to 2010, enabling precise diagnostics and maintenance.

  • 3151/AP15 Generic SUZUKI Cable: Designed for Suzuki motorcycles, facilitating detailed diagnostics and system checks.

  • 3151/AP20 Generic HONDA Cable (3901198): Compatible with a range of Honda motorcycles, ensuring accurate diagnostics and troubleshooting.

  • 3151/AP23 DUCATI Cable from 2010 (3902404): Specifically for Ducati models from 2010 onwards, allowing for in-depth diagnostics and adjustments.

  • 3151/AP31 Generic KAWASAKI Cable from 2010 (3903439): For Kawasaki motorcycles manufactured from 2010 onwards, providing comprehensive diagnostic capabilities.

  • 3151/AP37 BMW Cable (3904607): Tailored for BMW motorcycles, enabling thorough diagnostics and performance analysis.

  • 3151/AP57 Harley Davidson Cable (3909520): Designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles, ensuring detailed diagnostics and maintenance.

  • 3151/AP59 Yamaha Bike Cable (3909878): Compatible with Yamaha motorcycles, allowing for extensive diagnostics and system checks.

Why Choose Texa Bike Essential Case?

Whether you are a professional mechanic or a motorcycle enthusiast, the Texa Bike Essential Case is the ultimate diagnostic tool you need. With its extensive compatibility, user-friendly interface, and durable design, it empowers you to perform comprehensive diagnostics and maintenance with ease. Keep your bike running smoothly and confidently with Texa’s trusted technology.

Invest in Reliability:

Choose the Texa Bike Essential Case and experience the convenience and precision of top-tier motorcycle diagnostics. Ensure your bike's optimal performance and safety on every journey.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review