Autel MaxiDiag MD600CV Hand Held Commercial Vehicle Service Tablet


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Product Overview

Autel MaxiDiag MD600CV: The Ultimate Diagnostics and Service Tablet for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

The Autel MaxiDiag MD600CV is the premier choice for fleet technicians, owners, and operators seeking efficient and reliable diagnostics and maintenance for heavy-duty vehicles. This advanced Android-based wireless touchscreen tablet is tailored for Class 3 to 9 vehicles, offering expert diagnostic capabilities and a comprehensive range of service tasks.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Compatibility: Suitable for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles, including Class 3 to Class 9.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Read and erase codes, view freeze frame data, and monitor live data streams.
  • Extensive Service Menu: Perform essential maintenance tasks such as DPF Regen, Idle Shutoff, Oil Light Reset, Brake Bleed, Throttle Body Relearn, and Injector Coding/Reset.
  • Wireless VCI Included: Comes with the MAXIVCI V200, supporting a wide range of protocols including J1708, J1939, J1587, J1850, CDL, PLC, and VPW.
  • Professional Connectors: Includes Deutsch 6 and 9 Pin connectors for versatile connectivity.
  • Expert Mode and AutoScan: Direct access to OEM-specific components like engine, transmission, and braking systems.
  • Efficient Reporting: Easily generate and print diagnostic reports.
  • Fleet Service Ready: Ideal for fleet service and repair with extensive commercial vehicle coverage and functionality.
  • Triage Tool: Perfect for quick system assessments and maintenance tasks.

Additional Benefits:

  • One Year Free Software: Enjoy one year of complimentary software updates.
  • One Year Limited Warranty: Comes with a one-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

The MD600CV is the go-to solution for anyone needing fast, accurate, and comprehensive diagnostics and service capabilities for heavy-duty vehicles. Enhance your fleet maintenance with this robust and reliable tool.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review