Texa Commercial Vehicle Diagnostic Dealer Level Tablet Package


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Texa AXONE Voice Tablet:
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Texa TXT Multihub:
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IDC5 Truck Software:
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Introducing the TEXA Dealer Level Commercial Truck Vehicle Diagnostic Package.

your ultimate solution for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics. This package includes everything you need to take your diagnostic capabilities to the next level:

  1. TEXA TXT Multi Hub (P/N: D155A0): The cornerstone of your diagnostic arsenal, this versatile hub ensures seamless communication between your diagnostic tools and the vehicle's systems.

  2. AMERICAN TRUCK "Type II" cable (P/N: 3906978): Specifically designed for commercial trucks, this cable provides a secure connection for accurate data retrieval and analysis.

  3. TEXA OBD II Cable (P/N: 3909605): With OBD II compatibility, this cable enables you to access diagnostic information from a wide range of vehicles, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

  4. Texa AXONE Voice tablet (P/N: D171X1) your new diagnostic companion revolutionizing automotive troubleshooting with hands-free voice commands. Say goodbye to traditional interfaces and hello to seamless efficiency.

  5. TEXA IDC5 Truck Software: The heart of the package, this advanced software offers dealer-level diagnostic capabilities for a multitude of commercial trucks. Compatible with leading truck manufacturers such as Freightliner, Volvo, Peterbilt, and more, TEXA IDC5 Truck Software empowers you to perform a range of diagnostic tasks, including:

    • Multi-brand Coverage: The software provides extensive coverage across various commercial truck brands, including but not limited to Freightliner, Volvo, Peterbilt, Kenworth, International, Mack, and more.
    • Fault Code Reading and Clearing: Texa IDC5 Truck Premium enables technicians to read and clear fault codes from the vehicle's electronic control units (ECUs), allowing for quick identification and resolution of issues.
    • Live Data Monitoring: Technicians can monitor live data parameters in real-time, providing valuable insights into the vehicle's performance and condition.
    • System Tests and Actuations: The software allows for the activation of various vehicle systems and components for testing purposes, facilitating diagnostics and troubleshooting.
    • ECU Programming and Configuration: Texa IDC5 Truck Premium provides the capability to program and configure ECUs, enabling technicians to perform software updates, parameter adjustments, and other customizations as needed.
    • Calibration Adjustments: The software supports calibration adjustments for a range of vehicle systems, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with regulatory standards.
    • Maintenance Functions: Texa IDC5 Truck Premium offers maintenance functions such as service interval resets, component adaptations, and more, helping to streamline routine maintenance tasks.
    • Wiring Diagrams and Technical Information: The software includes access to wiring diagrams, technical information, and troubleshooting guides, aiding technicians in diagnosing complex issues effectively.
    • Advanced Diagnostics: With advanced diagnostic capabilities, Texa IDC5 Truck Premium can perform in-depth analysis of vehicle systems and components, helping to identify underlying issues and root causes.
    • Remote Diagnostics (optional): Some versions of Texa IDC5 Truck Premium may offer remote diagnostic capabilities, allowing technicians to connect to vehicles remotely for troubleshooting and assistance.

With its intuitive interface and extensive capabilities, TEXA IDC5 Truck Software ensures that you can diagnose and troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively, minimizing vehicle downtime and maximizing productivity.

Whether you're a seasoned technician or a fleet manager looking to streamline maintenance operations, the TEXA Dealer Level Commercial Truck Vehicle Diagnostic Package provides the tools you need to keep your fleet running smoothly.

Upgrade your diagnostic capabilities today and experience the difference with TEXA.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review