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TXT Multihub, Panasonic CF-54, IDC5 Bike ATV/Snowmobile Software, Bike Essential Cable Kit, x4 Extra Cables
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Product Overview

Introducing Texa's Bike, ATV, Dealer Diagnostic Kit

A comprehensive solution designed to meet the diagnostic needs of motorcycle, ATV, and dealerships. This kit combines Texa's industry-leading diagnostic tools with specialized cables and accessories to provide dealers with everything they need to diagnose and service a wide range of vehicles.

Key Components:

  1. TEXA Axone Nemo 2(THIS IS OPTIONAL ADDON): The heart of the kit, the Axone Nemo 2 is a powerful diagnostic tool that provides dealers with access to Texa's advanced diagnostic software. With its rugged design and intuitive interface, the Axone Nemo 2 is built to withstand the demands of the dealership environment while offering easy navigation and operation.

  2. TEXA Bike, ATV, Cables: This kit includes a range of specialized cables designed specifically for use with motorcycles, ATVs. These cables ensure reliable communication with the vehicle's electronic control units (ECUs), allowing dealers to access diagnostic information and perform a wide range of diagnostic tasks.

  3. TEXA IDC5 Software: The kit comes pre-loaded with Texa's IDC5 diagnostic software, which offers comprehensive coverage of all major motorcycle, ATV brands. With its advanced diagnostic capabilities, including fault code reading and clearing, live data monitoring, and system tests and actuations, the IDC5 software enables dealers to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair vehicles.

  4. TEXA Technical Support: Texa is committed to providing dealers with the support they need to get the most out of their diagnostic kit. That's why the kit includes access to Texa's technical support team, who are available to answer questions, provide guidance, and assist with troubleshooting.

Whether you're a motorcycle dealership, ATV dealer, Texa's Bike, ATV Dealer Diagnostic Kit is the ultimate diagnostic solution. With its advanced diagnostic tools, specialized cables, and comprehensive software, this kit empowers dealers to diagnose and service vehicles quickly, accurately, and efficiently, helping to minimize downtime and maximize customer satisfaction.

Texa's Bike Essential Cable Kit includes:

  1. Bike/Marine Empty Cable Case: Keep your cables organized and easily accessible with this sturdy and compact case, designed to hold all your diagnostic cables securely.

  2. 3151/AP01 Bike Main Cable: The main cable provides a reliable connection between your Texa diagnostic tool and the vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU), ensuring seamless communication for diagnostic purposes.

  3. 3151/AP05 Triumph/Victory/OBD Cable: Specifically designed for Triumph and Victory motorcycles, this cable allows for precise diagnostics and troubleshooting. It also supports OBD communication for added versatility.

  4. 3151/AP11 Generic KAWASAKI Cable (up to 2010)*: Compatible with Kawasaki motorcycles manufactured up to 2010, this cable enables technicians to access diagnostic information and perform diagnostic tasks with ease.

  5. *3151/AP15 Generic SUZUKI Cable: Designed for Suzuki motorcycles, this cable provides a reliable connection for diagnostic purposes, allowing technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot Suzuki models effectively.

  6. 3151/AP20 Generic HONDA Cable (3901198): Tailored for Honda motorcycles, this cable offers comprehensive coverage and reliable communication with the vehicle's ECU for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

  7. 3151/AP23 DUCATI Cable from 2010 (3902404): Specifically designed for Ducati motorcycles manufactured from 2010 onwards, this cable ensures accurate diagnostics and troubleshooting for Ducati models.

  8. 3151/AP31 Generic KAWASAKI Cable from 2010 (3903439): Updated for Kawasaki motorcycles manufactured from 2010 onwards, this cable provides seamless communication for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

  9. 3151/AP37 BMW Cable (3904607): Compatible with BMW motorcycles, this cable enables technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot BMW models with precision and accuracy.

  10. 3151/AP57 Harley Davidson Cable (3909520): Designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles, this cable offers reliable communication for diagnostics and troubleshooting on Harley Davidson models.

  11. 3151/AP59 Yamaha Bike Cable (3909878): Specifically tailored for Yamaha motorcycles, this cable ensures accurate diagnostics and troubleshooting for Yamaha models.

Extra Texa Cables includes:

  1. 3905399 POLARIS/INDIAN/VICTORY cable (3151/AP45)
  2. 3906015 Cable kit for diagnosis and key reprogramming BRP group (3151/AP43)
  3. 3911585 Power adapter cable for BRP group (3151/AP56B)
  4. 3910876 BIKE AND MARINE power supply and adapter kit for NAVIGATOR TXT Multihub

Texa covers a vast array of major motorcycle, ATV/quad, snowmobile, and PWC brands.

From renowned names like Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki to premium manufacturers such as Ducati, BMW, and Harley Davidson, our diagnostic tools cater to diverse vehicle models. Whether it's Adiva, Aprilia, or even lesser-known brands like Mash or Geon, Texa's comprehensive coverage ensures no motorcycle enthusiast is left behind. For ATV/quad aficionados, we support leading brands like Arctic Cat, Polaris, and Yamaha, while snowmobile enthusiasts can rely on Texa for brands like Ski-Doo and Lynx. Dive into the world of powersports confidently, knowing that Texa has you covered across a wide spectrum of makes and models.

*Limited PWC diagnostics, full capablity would require Texa IDC5 Marine Basic software.*

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